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inspiring more girls of color to get into politics

The Girl Represent workshops are designed to help middle school girls of color find ways they can be change makers in their communities. The girls go through a series of brainstorming activities with local women of color who are involved in civic leadership.

making budgeting more accessible for millenials 

Stash is a mobile app that uses a conversational interface designed to help millennials understand how the actions they take today with their money will impact their lives in the future. 

bringing internal legacy systems into the present

Unity was envisioned as a way to standardize and centralize information that was passed between calling agents at TechnologyAdvice, a technology marketing company.

augmented reality and early education

Kids often aren’t engaged in STEM topics in ways they can dive in and explore until middle or high school. We believe that augmented reality can help capture their imaginations early and often, encouraging love and curiosity for what are often fated to be “boring” subjects.

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